Personal Progress Reports

The Living Consciously® system includes unique, proprietary software that measures where an individual starts from and their personal progress from the inside out! It measures fundamental choices each is making at the time of each online survey and also gives a strong indication of how constructive key relationships are.

After each online survey you take and in a holistic collection of areas, your personal progress report tells you what improvements you are making toward the well-being and balance of a constructive life. This is a great tool for getting a realistic picture of what you are and are doing. It’s a great tool for choosing areas to concentrate on for improvement, plus their priority. And it’s a lot of fun!

Surveys are taken online, using assigned unique coded passwords. You’ll get to schedule up to five follow-ups over up to one year’s time. A personal, confidential report is available after each survey. This system is automated and will send you timing prompts using your email address.

You’ll need your purchase number and date to request your Personal Progress Report account.

If you purchased the full Living Consciously Personal Edition package, the personal reports are included at no additional cost. Prompts for the best time to begin are in the manual (Mental Aspect) and also in the CD audio. Also in your manual are “Survey Troubleshooting Tips, on page 153, and instructions on reading your reports and how to act on what you see, on page 154.

If you purchased only the manual and audio, you can go to to purchase a personal report package only.

To buy only the Personal Progress Reports OR to continue getting the benefits of personal progress reports, after your first package is used, you can purchase just a new personal report package by itself at any time. If you do not have a Living Consciously Personal Edition manual, there is a box on the form to check, so we will email the troubleshooting tips and reading and action instructions with your codes.


To set up your Personal Progress Report Account Questions? Contact Us