Evidence Based

You will be able to prove, quantify, qualify, study, and discuss the results of Living Consciously® program!

The days of not being able to prove progress are OVER!

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Not only will you see the anecdotal changes in individuals and groups who take the Living Consciously program, but you will be able to prove it on paper and have a living profile of internal progress!

All Living Consciously programming is evidence based. We track, by individual and/or group, the effectiveness of our program with your participants in real time, using statistical tracking tools customized to your needs and goals.

Using reoccurring survey events, we gather concise information about individuals, groups, or organizations based on their practical application of the course in real, everyday life and work. Individual names within group reports are always protected.

After the baseline is established from the initial, customized survey, it is then taken at up to five chosen intervals over up to one year’s time.

Progress Reports – both confidential /personal and compiled group reports – are generated after each survey event. The result is a living profile that shows the changes – areas of strength or weakness, areas of progress or that need attention.

In short, an individual, group, or organization – personal or professional – has the information needed to improve, to conduct themselves consciously, and to sustain their progress.

For examples of statistical results, see:
Education K-12 ; Adults At-Risk – Employment Transition ; Adults At-Risk – Welfare-to-Work ; Adults At-Risk – Prisoner Reentry ; Adults At-Risk – Homeless Shelters

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