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Living Consciously® is mending the fabric of the people.

We, at Conscious Community, a community-based nonprofit 501(c)3, are dedicated to making a difference in quality of life – one person at a time. That is why our premier product is the Living Consciously Personal Edition. It is offered so each person can decide to make a better life for him or herself – and have the tools to DO IT. RIGHT NOW! No waiting on anyone else for any reason. And there is an even bigger reason…

We, the people, one at a time, make up the entire world!

Living Consciously is a journey, to collect tidbits of truth, so simple that you’ve overlooked them strewn along Life’s path. Each part of Living Consciously, like a puzzle piece, drops into place, meshes together – and propels us upward. The clues we gather one by one will create an overlay for LIFE, which, when complete, clicks the truth into focus with overwhelming clarity. Real answers, about ourselves, our relationships, our world, our future – and how to create it with sustainability built in.

Start this journey with its quiet beginnings….stay through its resounding crescendo of completion – with impact of global proportions.

Let us begin….

More about the Living Consciously Personal Edition

Living Consciously® is called the Rosetta Stone for life in today’s world because it contains the essence of meaning – the essential clues to clarity, healing, hope, and happiness. It is way, way, way beyond “self help.”    Testimonials, plus

7 hours 58 minutes to clarity.

Living Consciously gets at the CAUSES of problems and limitations, not just the symptoms.  It is comprehensive, holistic – dealing with the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual (not doctrinal) aspects of life.

This program adjusts to whatever you need personally.  It clarifies:

  • The difference between conscious and UNconscious choices;
  • Why it is in your best interest to choose constructively; and
  • How to DO it today’s world.

Living Consciously is:

  • Convenient:  You choose the time and place you do it, e.g. at home or on a commute;
  • Flexible:  made of short, mini modules; and
  • Keeps on adding value:  with personal progress reports for up to a year – beyond, if you choose.

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