Employment Transition


Work is central to a satisfying, balanced, and successful life. Transitions in one’s employment are sensitive and sometimes uncomfortable, even fearful.

They are not only doorways to a new career, but also opportunities to release whatever in one’s past was not constructive.  And then, to consciously build a better foundation for increased achievement, satisfaction and happiness.

The nonprofit, educational agency, in this example, has a tremendous program that trains, toward careers in the medical field, both displaced workers and those who are increasing their skill level and opportunities. Recognizing that a sound personal foundation is essential to career success, they chose Living Consciously® for their professional development programming piece.

From four years and over 100 participants, here are the compiled results of their impressive improvements, using the Living Consciously program:

Overall Participant Average 17.23%
Employability 15.57%
Relationships 15.76%
Diversity Inclusion 15.53%
Personal Ethics 14.07%
Reducing Stress & Burnout 18.75%
Managing & Reducing Anger 16.75%
Reducing Fear & Anxiety 18.67%
Decision Making   8.76%
Self-Esteem 10.34%
Self-Sufficiency   9.15%

PLEASE NOTE: most places are looking for a 3% – 5% improvement from programmatic implementation with mainstream adults.