Comments from Educators

Jana Olivarez Jane Olivarez
Principal, Elementary School
“Living Consciously® is great in all grades – K through 12! We need to provide tools for life and all its situations. LC provides one system to monitor feelings, thoughts, and behaviors – just like a math or reading program monitors one subject.”
Counselor Reyes Reyes Osuna
Counselor, Elementary School
“The students began using the principles of Living Consciously throughout the school day, even when there was no authority figure to reinforce their choices. As their perception changed, so did their behavior.”
Educator Marlene Marlene Heemstra
Director of Alternative Programs
Alternate High School Principal
“Living Consciously gets at the real causes of student misbehavior, family dysfunction, violence, and substance abuse.”
EJ Paas E.J. Paas
Alternative to Expulsion Program
“Of all the programs I’ve seen for these students, Living Consciously® is a perfect fit for ‘social learning.’ It provides both skills and action, including the thought and feeling understanding behind action. My students are also using the language to help each other, putting constructive thoughts, feelings, and actions into proper sequence.”
Principal Deborah Principal, Alternative High School“Living Consciously offers practical life skills that deal with the inner person to guide students in better decision making processes.”
Teacher Jim Jim Blodgett
Elementary Teacher
“It’s time to ‘stop talking the talk’ and start the CHANGE. Living Consciously makes a DIFFERENCE!”
Sherry Bledsoe
Health Services Coordinator
Elementary & Middle School Programming
“Living Consciously® is an invitation to ‘ownership’ of one’s own life…to direct and be responsible for lifelong choices. As a teacher with 20 years experience and as a character education program developer and coordinator for the past four years, I can honestly say that Living Consciously works! It simply and profoundly makes the difference.”
Lynne Hernandez, MA, ABD
Director of Career Technical Education
“We have been using Living Consciously for two years in our Alternative to Expulsion program. The difference is incredible. Former students with severe discipline issues are now asking themselves questions that help them understand and change their behavior. The strength of the program is that the changes are from within, not imposed by an external structure.”
Betty White, Middle School ESL Teacher “Since the Living Consciously® seminar, the students are more accountable, taking more responsibility for their own words and actions. They are even helping other students, talking to them privately about how to handle themselves better.”