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Our children are our future. They need to know how life works! Our teachers need relief from constant disciplinary duties. Academics cannot be the only thing we teach! A foundation for conscious living is a requirement if we are to thrive in the future. This means knowing what are constructive and unconstructive choices, words, and actions – and how to act constructively in real, everyday life.

Living Consciously is an intervention that gets at the CAUSES of behavioral sabotage – not just the symptoms, including bullying and victimization, substance abuse, family dysfunction, under-achievement, failure to thrive. At the same time, it teaches the principles of constructive living and their practical application in real, everyday life.

Living Conscious also works for high, at-risk students:

  • 85% – 91% reductions in behavioral / disciplinary incidents
  • 29% – 55% reductions in substance abuse
  • 50% improvement in attendance

What kind of impact would results like these have on your school environment?

If you are an administrator, a teacher, a parent, a student, or anyone else who is interested in the education of our children and youth, Conscious Community has Living Consciously® curriculua, that is evidence-based, for pre-Kindergarten through 12th grade. The program has been well-tested in American public schools with unprecedented, consistent results and can integrate without interruption into any type of educational structure. It is also translated into Spanish (Americana Latina).

The formatting we have seen most effective at different levels are:

  • For elementary grades: 10 to 15 minutes every morning to help the children transition from home to school – and concentrating on academics;
  • For middle and high school: a “mandatory elective” of four to six weeks.

Program Services Available for Education:

Conscious Community offers these Living Consciously® program elements:

Customized Implementation, directly to your specific issues and needs.
Educator Facilitation Training at your site.
Curricula Manuals
Evidence-based Statistical Tracking. Our web-based statistics system enables you to monitor the progress of your students (by class, grade, school building, or whole district), guide programming, and amaze your funding sources.

“The days of improving character, but not being able to prove it are OVER!”

Expert Support. We partner with you, helping to guide the most effective, appropriate implementation of your customized Living Consciously program toward sustainable success.

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For more detailed information and statistics, specific to your application, please Contact us.

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