Drug Rehab

All drugs lie – especially street drugs.

Street drugs steal your life, your money, your self-respect, your health, your opportunities, and your potential. They mangle relationships and your children’s lives.

Living Consciously® is an intervention that gets at the CAUSES of substance abuse – not just the symptoms. At the same time, it teaches the principles of constructive living and their practical application in real, everyday life.

Kevin, Recovery Coach

Nobody just suddenly decides out of the blue to take illegal drugs! Consciously or often UNconsciously, they are already doing the “drugs” we’ve identified in Living Consciously. By Living Consciously “drugs”, we mean anything we indulge in that temporarily eases our pain or discomfort, but keeps us in an unhealthy situation, or one that is unconstructive to ourselves or the people or circumstances in our lives. Some examples of Living Consciously “drugs” include despair, hopelessness, boredom, peer pressure, mocking, bullying, anger, fear, selfishness, running away from difficulties, etc.

The Living Consciously “drugs” are precursors, the causes to taking street drugs or misusing prescription or over-the-counter drugs. Living Consciously “drugs” are much more dangerous than street drugs! LC “drugs” are not illegal, they’re free, and literally everyone is doing them in some form or another.

One of the objectives of Living Consciously is to make our lives “drug free zones!” Most often, once we help people get off Living Consciously “drugs”, they are able to get of street drugs – and stay off.

To get off any “drug”, we need to let it go and be sure to replace it with something constructive.

Keeping from or eliminating substance abuse from lives is foundational to sustained happiness, health, and success. It is a major issue in our society today and has major impact in youth education and all the adults at-risk areas noted on this website, including anger, poverty, domestic violence, welfare, prisoner reentry, homelessness, and criminality. The number of people fighting substance abuse in our society today is staggering.

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