Community Leadership


Conscious Community’s Leading Consciously™ is an expansion of the Living Consciously® foundation that is focused on community leadership.

There are many, many leadership courses out there that center on how to get people to follow you, how to communicate; how to organize citizenry, neighborhoods, chains of authority, the processes of community power flow, and practical functionality process. Ours is NOT these!

Leading Consciously is about:

  • On what values foundation is your leadership based?
  • Where are you leading your community?
    • Will it be a future with meaning, justice, opportunity, abundance?
    • What about sustainability?
  • How to resolve conflict with justice that heals and then creates solid collaboration
  • How to inspire citizens to constructive, sustained engagement
    • Will your leadership inspire the younger generations to rise in support?
    • Will they offer their talents and energy to carry their community onward and upward?
    • Will they rise into leadership roles themselves?

As with all our curricula, Leading Consciously is evidence- based. Conscious, constructive leadership is statistically tracked during its formation, through the establishment of your community’s sustainability, and into the future.

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