Prison Reentry

MPRI January group

Recidivism rates using Living Consciously®:
8.3% at 16-28 months from seminar
0.0% at 30 months; model using more one-on-one mentoring

Other compiled results:
39.8% improvement in employability
40.2% improvement in decision-making
40.4% improvement in self-sufficiency
41.0% improvement in personal ethics
40.9% improvement in resistance to violence
41.2% improvement in anger management and reduction
43.7% improvement in safety after release
35.1% reduction in substance abuse

PLEASE NOTE: most places are looking for a 3% – 5% improvement from programmatic implementation with mainstream adults. All these participants were very high-risk individuals.

What kind of impact would results like these have in the lives of the people you serve?

Dave, Reentry Director

People are not disposable. Living Consciously has proven itself to be an important factor in restoring individuals, who have history with the criminal justice system, into rewarding, fruitful lives that are assets to their community.

To accomplish this, we put in the hands of these men and women effective tools to break free from substance abuse (over 80% are suffering from it). anger, the ability to see another person as a victim, and many other barriers to success.

Living Consciously is an intervention that gets at the causes of behavioral sabotage – not just the symptoms. At the same time, it teaches the principles of constructive living and their practical application in real, everyday life.

We also have similarly successful experience with adjudicated youth.

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More of the human side of the story:

Returned Citizens
Program & Case Managers

Returned Citizens:

(The “before” and “after” Living Consciously® photos were taken four to six weeks apart!)

larry2 Larry: “Living Consciously has given me many opportunities to actually look at my transformation from prison into the real world. The (LC) surveys gave me a good visual of those changes also.”

laydon2 Lyndon: “To me, this class was nothing like other classes I’d done. I got a lot out of this Living Consciously.”

orlando2 Orlando: “I’ve done 11 years hard time and if this works for me, it can work for anybody. There’s nothing like it in any DOC program. LC works from the inside out, so anyone can look at themselves with a realistic perspective. They get the tools to build a constructive life. My life is now in my hands, and I know how to make it good.”

don2 Don: “Program brought information in a self-conscious focus, instead of through technical concepts”

patrick2 Patrick: “Living Consciously has changed my life in a profound way. Something needed to change, but I didn’t realize it was me! I was the only person who was holding me back.”

Jack Jack: “When I entered this class I had my doubts. Now, I would recommend this class to anyone who wants to start controlling their own life.”

Larry Larry: “I needed this class 30 years ago!”

Kendra Kendra: “Living Consciously helped me find myself again!”

david2 David: “Living Consciously helped me realize the power that can come from our spirit and mind. With that I’m building a new life.”

Program & Case Managers

Sandy X Program Manager“All our clients who have Living Consciously® are miles ahead of the others in commitment, maturity, follow-through, staying power, and employability.”
crosspoint-joe Case Manager“Complex principles presented simply and without pretense.”
crosspoint Ben Case Manager“Real world application for more than one aspect of life.”
crosspoint Christine Case Manager“(LC) is all encompassing. It takes into account physical, spirit, & feeling, unlike some behavior modification programs which only focus on thought (i.e. cognitive distortions.)”
crosspoint-art Case Manager“Though we may have had some of these ideas in our minds, what I like is that now I have tools to implement them.”