Adults At-Risk

Adults Family - Mother & DaughterConscious Community Inc., a community-based nonprofit, helps other nonprofit and social service agencies and government programs in their services to at-risk adults within our communities.

The results using the Living Consciously® curricula within these populations have been extraordinary, including:

  • helping 460 families get off welfare due to income, within a 3-year time span in a small county in
  • achieving recidivism rates of 0% – 8.3% for returning prisoners in a state with a 65% general recidivism rate

Larry Davis

It cannot be over-emphasized how important the ability to take out the cause of a chronic problem is. Without this, the treatment cycle resembles a revolving door. And the sufferer is constantly riding a roller coaster of remission and then repeated misery.

The Living Consciously program seeks out the causes within an individual, usually eliminates them, otherwise manages them, and builds real, practical abilities to sustain the recovery.

Conscious Community offers these Living Consciously® program elements to nonprofit organizations and government agencies:

Govt seminar groupCustomized Implementation, directly to your specific issues and needs.

Staff Facilitation Training
at your site.

Curricula Manuals

Evidence-based Statistical Tracking. Our web-based statistics system enables you to monitor the progress of your clients, guide programming, and amaze your funding sources.

Expert Support. We partner with you, helping to guide the most effective, appropriate implementation of your customized Living Consciously program toward sustainable success.

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