Bullying & Victimization

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Most often we think of bullying taking place in a school setting.  What do you think happens when bullies graduate from one academic level to another – and then out into adulthood?  If the tendency goes uncorrected, the individuals keep on bullying and victimizing others.

Unfortunately, bullying happens throughout the spectrum of human relationships in many situations and locations.  We just call it different names, such as:

  • Domineering/ belittling adult relationships
  • Ostracizing;  exclusion;  denial of opportunity
  • Office politics;  intimidation of employees by coworkers, supervisors or management
  • Denial of constitutional freedoms and opportunities based on gender, age, race,  nationality or religion
  • Domestic violence;  child abuse;  senior abuse
  • Encouraging economic slavery through debt;  hidden and/or prolific fees;  changing percentage rates without due cause
  • Market monopoly;  price fixing;  unfair marketing practices
  • Misuse of law enforcement powers;  profiling;  excessive use of force
  • Facilitating drug, alcohol and/or prescription medication addiction
  • Criminality and violence
  • Taking, without freely-given permission, what lawfully belongs to another, including personal information
  • Intimidation;  blackmail;  extortion
  • Imprisonment without due process;  unrightful prosecution;  cruel and unusual punishment
  • Human trafficking;  slavery;  compelled labor and/or prostitution
  • Subjugation and/or coercion by means of religious doctrine, including toward judging and condemning others, based on religious doctrine

These are all just plain bullying.  The dynamics are the same;  victimization of a person or people perceived as weaker.

Where can we best start to break the cycle of bullying?

  • as early possible in a person’s life;
  • with the victims – who actually hold the most power, especially in earlier bulling equations.  In addition, the victims are most often the ones more willing to change the dynamic.

Bullying is a co-dependent relationship!  If the bully cannot force the victim’s participation, he cannot steal the other person’s power and then harm him/her.

Living Consciously® empowers victims and potential victims to know how to:

  • see bullying situations set up early and how they are being constructed;
  • protect themselves mentally, emotionally spiritually and physically, so they won’t give the bully their own power and be drawn under the bully’s influence;
  • protect themselves constructively toward preventing or ending the mistreatment;  and
  • build constructive collaborations with others toward preventing and/or ending bullying.

Living Consciously is also successful in reprogramming bullies, who have become insensitive and apathetic to the life and rights of their victims.  Usually this is deeply rooted in fear that, is commonly held unconsciously.  LC provides the keys to removing the causes of bullying by identifying and healing the fear, as well as removing the ability to see any other person as a potential victim.  They cannot act out the bullying if they can no longer accept that it is OK to victimize another person.

The journey to these monumental and essential changes begins gently, but firmly, through a practical, simple look at how to take helpful , sure control of one’s own life – how to build a quality life that can be protected.  This passage heals and reestablishes their humanity, and the courage to be empathetic.

The realization of the Highest Common Denominator – the LIFE within each of us – establishes an ever-present link with every other person.  Exploration of the essence and reality of that truth changes their conscious relationship with others.

The more we can work together to raise the consciousness of the general population to the dynamics of victimization and bullying, the greater our collective power will be in successfully removing the earlier stages of bullying and addressing the more extreme cases, toward that same end, including:

  • Torture;  mass violence and murder
  • Terrorism
  • Use of military force to take what belongs to another person, group or country;  war