Personal Experiences

Living Consciously® is mending the fabric of the people.

“Living Consciously returned my sense of hope as I was working against the feeling of hopelessness and failure.  I emphasize that it showed me the luxury, beauty, and, most importantly, the responsibility of Free Will.” Amy, 23

Video Testimonials from:

david_video dr-sue hector SusAnne Selma
David, 33 Dr. Sue, 48 Hector, 55 SusAnne, 63 Selma, 85

More from people who have experienced Living Consciously:

women-seminar “Living Consciously has changed my perspective of the process of life permanently – and for the better.” Susan, 50
femaled-executive “I haven’t felt so peaceful, confident, and hopeful in a long time.” Nancy, 45
“Living Consciously rehabilitated my sense of self.” Virginia, 23
carlos-teacher “This is a wonderful program… an opportunity that I did not think was possible.” Carlos, 38
alicia “Now, I can use Living Consciously and take power over living.” Alicia, 30
“Since (Living Consciously), things look different. I feel an inner peace… a calm… I have more self esteem and am happier.” Connie, 29
annetta “There is not enough money in the world to pay… for the self confidence and knowledge I have gained.” Annetta, 27
anglie “Living Consciously changed my life. When we are not acting consciously, we really are not the ones who are choosing what we want in our lives. This opened my eyes and now I make better decisions.” Angie,26
craig2 “Living Consciously makes sense. I can do this.” Craig, 27