Why Causal & Holistic

Living Consciously is a causal and holistic solution.  This approach is necessary to remove the symptoms of unconstructive, fear-based choices and behaviors.

No matter how forcefully we suppress the symptoms of unconstructive,  fear-based choices, they will keep coming back in ever increasing waves.  Looking out at all the troubles facing our world, we see what happens when millions upon millions of people hold the same, fear-based paradigm in common.  Often the negatives can seem overwhelming, too great to surmount.

Golden tree all - rainbow - CROPPED- sm fileBut, if we start at the causal, holistic level, there is a chance for full recovery – and a powerful one.  We must remove these UNconstructive symptoms consciously at their causes and replace them with constructive, conscious choice.


Currently, programmatic responses created to remove the symptoms of UNconstructive choices within individuals are most often in the genre of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).   Aimed at suppressing symptoms of unconstructive choices, it involves application of intellectual reasoning and force toward compelling the desired changes in the targeted behavior in others.

A causal programming approach, obviously, addresses the causes of all unconstructive behaviors.  At the same time, it puts in place the foundations of constructive behavior to replace the Unconstructive.

Having gone through both Living Consciously and Moral Recognition Therapy, Zoey compares LC to MRT

For a quick comparison of the CBT/MRT genre of programming with a causal, holistic programming approach, please peruse the chart below:

Programmatic Characteristics Comparison

Spoked wheel - 2 illustrations

Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT)          Living Consciously®

Moral Recognition Therapy (MRT)

  • symptomatic                                                                         causal
  • focus on control of outward behaviors                                  focus on inner causes of behaviors
  • power and authority outside program participants                personal power used positively
  • prescribed, situationally-couched behaviors                         heals damage from inside out
  • memorized responses imitated w/o understanding               use life principles at cause
  • use of threat outside individual to compel adherence            restores personal power & use
  •  change by imposition of greater authority/power                   change by personal choice

 Effects of programmatic paradigm

  • based on memorization of intellectualized ideas                    uses new, internalized clarity
  • strong emotions derail behavior modification                         removes or recovers from anger
  •  life events not class models cause confusion                        simple process works in all life
  •  constant anxiety, fear, resentment                                         confidence, knowing, gratitude

Sustainability factor

  • presence of authority or threat from without                             conscious choice from within

Primary causal choice under paradigm:

  • fear                                                                                            love

Living Consciously® is a causal, holistic process

Our causal approach (inside out) starts at the initial, minute beginnings of both constructive an UNconstructive behavior patterns with single, simple, fundamental, basic choices.  (Think of it as similar to focusing on a one-celled animal.)

The causal approach drills down until an “either/or” situation is reached.  In electronic parlance, it probes to the point of the functionality of a toggle switch.  A simple light switch is a common example of a toggle switch.  One way the light is on (constructive choice).  The other way the light is off (UNconstructive choice).

It is important to note that most people today make their choices at the causal level UNconsciously.  This also makes them highly susceptible to the unconstructive suggestions and agendas that almost literally saturate the atmosphere in which we all live today.

hands_and_puzzle_piecesLiving Consciously helps people identify and sort out the constructive from the Unconstructive, as they are making their choices.

True causal choices are intuitive, including the ability to feel and “know” right from wrong.  (We do not disagree that many people have been conditioned over the years to forget and deny conscience.)  Only one person, in the thousands we have worked with, has not more or less readily, eventually happily, reverted to their “original programming” of sensing when another part of life is hurting and knowing when they are the ones doing the hurting.  This includes hurting themselves.

Causal programming passes through the intellect for context, but is wired within the emotions, and into the spirit and the LIFE of the individual.  Therefore, there is no need for a lot of memorization and recall.  The participants basically become the process instinctively.  The process becomes a natural part of their lives.  They do not have to sort through a collection of prescribed, memorized choices for the “best” response in a given situation.  Life often moves too rapidly for such a search-before-response is practical.

The change to causal, conscious living is done in “baby steps”, increments that are within the power and ability of nearly every person.  Causal programming makes the spectrum of everyday choices conscious.  It connects the power of conscious choice once again to their conscience and consciousness.

With the dynamic of free-will choice moved into conscious application, participants begin to remove the foundations for virtually all unconstructive symptoms and behaviors.  Sometimes there are constructive changes that are resisted temporarily, but the struggle is usually of short duration, i.e. several months only.

Once enough of the unconstructive causal choices in all aspects of the person – mental, emotional, physical, and spirit (not doctrinal) – are sorted out and the constructive choices reaffirmed, the UNconstructive symptoms simply collapse and dissolve.  The foundations upon which the negative symptomatic behaviors rest are gone.

Rosetta Stone-words-field  smfileThis is why a truly causal, holistic approach is effective for most or ALL UNconstructive behavior.  At the same time, it reconstructs and/or renews the foundations of all constructive behaviors.

The power each person already has within themselves is returned to them.  With it, they discover, also within themselves, that which is worthy, balanced, well and constructive – and rehabilitate or replace what is not.  This also restores self-respect and worthiness.   From there, they have the means to turn their lives around, make sustainable improvements, and build the constructive lives of which they’ve dreamed.

And they now desire that life above all else. Thus the individual themselves becomes the cornerstone and center of the sustainability of their own success.

This is the only way effective, balanced, constructive living is sustained.  Each person must consciously run their own life constructively.  It is not something that can be delegated to any outside person or authority without disastrous, unacceptable results.

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