Mathematical, Scientific Proof of a Highest Power


Odds for spontaneous life

Today, there are people in many areas who assert vehemently that life sprang spontaneously from an arbitrary circumstance of the right elements being in close proximity.  They further assert that all the complex forms of life on our planet followed through evolution.

Many of the most able mathematical and scientific minds have pondered, studied, and theorized about this advent of LIFE.   We have found the mathematical expressions of this possibility most interesting.

May we suggest you take a spin on Google with the phrase “What are the odds that life began spontaneously?” and see what you come up with.

The odds calculated range from 1:1050 to 1:102,000,000,000 –  that life began spontaneously.  One (1 chance in):1050 is written out like this: 1:10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000.

It is important to note that once the mathematical threshold of 10 to the 50th power is reached, it is past all probability that, even in an eternity of time, there is ANY chance of the event on which one is calculating odds to occur.

Enter British Professor Sir Fred Hoyle, a agnostic of Christian background, and Professor Chandra Wickramamsinghe an atheist Buddhist born in Shri Lanka.  These two colleagues publicized, with humor and bravado, their intention to make the calculation of these odds with all the scientific and mathematical expertise at their command – which was exceptional.  They were very clear on one point – that the notion of a “creator” was inconsistent with science.

According to the London Daily Express on August 14, 1981:  independently, “each found that the odds against the spark of life igniting accidentally on earth were staggering – in mathematical jargon’  1:1040,000!”

Wickramasinghe was quoted as saying, “That number is such an Imponderable in the universe that I am 100 per cent certain that life could not have started spontaneously on Earth. … I am quite uncomfortable in the situation, the state of mind I now find myself in.  But there is no logical way out of it.”

Upon delivering their best calculation to the public, Sir Fred wanted to make it very clear what this huge number meant in practical terms.  He summarized it something like this:  it is more likely that a tornado going through a junk yard would assemble a 747 airplane on the other side than that there is no God.

Both these men of higher learning then announced that they were now believers.

That was in 1981.  Since then, scores of scientists and mathematicians have made the same kind of calculation.  As we’ve noted, the results have ranged anywhere from 1: 1050 to 1:102,000,000,000 by well-known scientist Carl Sagan.  All are in favor of the existence of a Supreme Being.

Yet, in our public schools and other civic forums, evolution is being taught as a FACT and creationist theories are scoffed at.  Why?  Cui bono?  Who benefits?

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