Change the Paradigm

Despair - Drug Addiction - sm fileTo change out of a paradigm of fear, something more than mouthing a few words is obviously  necessary.  It will require changing an entrenched, fundamental, usually UNconsciously-held paradigm.  One paradigm is held – in common – by most people around the world!  When we drill down far enough, we discover that the primary causal choice in the cornerstone of that paradigm is fear.

To test the paradigm you are living under personally, start taking note of how often you have feelings of worry, anxiety, frustration or doubt.  These are epidemic in most people today.  How often to you see others exhibiting the same reactions to common events and/or the national news?

Since 1994, Living Consciously® LLC and, since 2008, Conscious Community Inc., a community- based nonprofit 501(c)3, have been researching and gathering statistical evidence regarding the causal elements and paradigms that create sustainable justice, peace and prosperity.  In other words, what causes individuals, couples, families, organizations, communities and nations to thrive?

What gives them the clarity and courage to choose Love over fear?

For easy illustration and understanding of our findings, first, we need a standard to measure with that is balanced, takes in all aspects of life, and has both structural integrity and functionality.  A spoked wheel has been chosen for this analogy.  It has a central hub, to represent foundational premises or values;  four spokes are analogous to the four aspects of LIFE:   the mental, emotional, physical, and spirit. The circular, continuous rim provides the platform and the means of movement and progress – or outcomes.  The conglomeration of all our choices – conscious and UNconscious -create the paradigm(s) under which we live and function.  Here is an overview of the outcomes of two, general paradigms:

Dominant Paradigm Worldwide

Dominant Paradigm Worldwide



Symptoms:   escalating complexity; excellence harder to attain and maintain:  • lowering discretionary effort /            non-engagement  • dissension   • stress, burnout, fear, anxiety     • low morale, apathy  • gossip   • diversity issues • relational “politics” / bullying • unethical behavior

Conscious Co 3

Living Consciously® Paradigm

Results:  leap in capacity through active engagement of all involved:  • shared core values     • trust     • improved morale    • enriched communication & teamwork    • enhanced safety• increased productivity and quality   • diversity transcendence   • lasting excellence    • endeavor sustainability

Engagement of Full PotentialHP = Highest Power/God; HCD = Highest Common Denominator© that we all share:  LIFE

Illustrations: © 2014 Living Consciously®. All rights reserved.

In the dominant paradigm, the intellect is in almost complete dominance. Virtually only intellectually-conceived directives, plans and programs are enacted to compel desired changes in the physical aspect.  Almost without exception, this is the model or modus operandi that is being used throughout the world.  Again, in most cases, the intent is benign – meant to be constructive.  The question to ask is, “Are the outcomes following the good intent?”

Is there a consistent, just core of sustaining principles and values, that act like the hub of the spoked wheel?  Is there something consciously constructive holding the structural integrity of a balanced center around which activity can continue in a reliable way?

What ARE the intrinsic values of this system?  Is it the strength of intellectual prowess?  The marketability of ideas?  The power of the ideas and information generated by the collective intellect?  Is the intellect infallible?  Can it maintain true balance?  Does it maintain justice?  Is there anything in this model to hold the intellect IN balance and justice?  Can its “reality” become warped without a counter-balance?  Is it susceptible to fear, greed or power maintenance by domination?

Unfortunately, this model has a number of serious shortcomings, mostly related to the qualities and capabilities of the intellect, unsupported by other capacities, in the natural domain of the creativity.

Please do not misunderstand!  The intellect is an incredible, wonderful, important tool.  But, operating alone, it is a tyrannical master.

What are the limitations of the intellect, of which we need to be consciously aware?

Please consider this list of attributes of the intellect.  The intellect:

  • makes hard and fast conclusions based in incomplete information;
  • perceives the appearance of limitation, mistakes and failure as fact and insists on dragging the dead weight around forever;
  •  is by nature competitive and selfish.  It conceives of itself first – and then everybody and everything else;
  • often the intellect objectifies people, and their emotions and actions, until they become inanimate things, not living beings;
  •  cannot love;
  • is only able to manage or rearrange resources created by the spirit.  It cannot create these resources.  Intellectual creativity is synthetic, the rearranging of known facts,  information and resources in different ways;
  • cannot connect with original creativity or the domain of the spirit or LIFE of its own accord;
  •  can truly conceive only of the finite, not the Infinite.  Therefore, left to its own devices, it turns
  •  everything it receives into something finite, into limitation;
  • is like a battery.  Continually charged by LIFE and the spirit, the intellect is one of the most useful tools humanity has.  Taken apart from its source of power, the intellect runs down, like an uncharged battery, and the quality of the results of its labors follow suit.

The causal, holistic paradigm, illustrated below the dominate paradigm, includes all the parts of the spoked wheel analogy.  When it is implemented into a group of people, there is an engagement of the full potential of every person in conscious cooperation.

The holistic qualities of the paradigm are an essential part of its success.  The central impetus to the success is the conscious addition of the Highest Common Denominator and the emotional and spirit (non-doctrinal) aspects of each individual.  These consciously work together with the intellect to create results, and to renew and expand constructive life.

The Highest Common Denominator©, the LIFE within each person, combined with their spirit, are the seat of the individual’s potential, creativity, innovation and power.

If these are not engaged consciously, the results are seriously diminished, patchy and unsustainable.  Like a car in neutral, the person will be pushed here and there, most always into places that are unconstructive.  If a person is living in the “gear of fear”, they are exponentially more vulnerable.

The LIFE of each human being on the planet possesses as its birthright:

  •  the ability to love;
  • knowledge of right and wrong coupled with the ability to know when  another part of Life is hurting (and when he or she is the one doing the hurting);
  • the essence and source of positive self-esteem and self-worth;
  • the ability to recognize LIFE, spirit and positive attributes in every one else;
  • complete, blissful disregard of the color, gender or age of the flesh – or any other so-called “diversities” that try to impose the idea of difference and separation;
  • the ability to remain unhindered by any appearance of limitation or past mistakes andto proceed onward and upward;
  • all the limitless potential of LIFE;
  • the ability to tap all the above and use them consciously for wonderful – even amazingachievement – in life.

Denied the recognition and input of the LIFE and spirit, the intellect makes everything increasingly complex.  A refusal to acknowledge and actively engage the LIFE and spirit of human beings marks the beginning of the decline of excellence.  Without a consciously holistic approach to life and any of its endeavors, the positive results will be temporary and declining.

By consciously engaging the LIFE and spirit of a person, they can dissolve, remove or get around the causes of problems, limitations, and anything hurtful.  Consciously engaged, strong LIFE and spirit are imperative to a person’s resources and protection.

And one of our greatest hopes.

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