Love over fear

Sun and path to rt-horiz-sm fileIf we want any part of life to be constructive and sustainable, including justice, peace and prosperity, being AGAINST what is wrong will NOT accomplish it!

We must be FOR what is RIGHT.  That means we must make the choice for Love – consciously and consistently.

There is no peace in anything that is not Love.

Despair - Drug Addiction - sm fileWhat arises from what is not Love is superficial.  It is generated merely as a reaction and is UNconstructive.  When we drill down into the cause of anything that is UNconstructive, we will find fear at its foundation.  Being against anything that is based in fear, just creates more dissention and more fear.

Sun white in yellow gold sky-horz-sm fileLove is proactive.  Love is the Truth that is always true.

We must consciously, deliberately choose Love –  first and always.  All that is built from out that choice creates more and more that is constructive.

Like creates like©.

But how to do all that?

Living Consciously® is a “how to” for doing that.  It is a “how to” for recognizing what is ofLCPE logo and tag only - sm file love and what is of fear.  Symptoms of fear-based choices include anxiety, worry, poverty, division, injustice, anger, bullying, violence-  and using busy-ness as a shield and distraction.

Living Consciously is a “how to” for learning to sift out the fear-based choices and change them to Love.

Part of loving is to know that every thought, feeling, word and action is either an extension of love – or a call for help.  Part of loving fully is to be able to respond to those cries for help only out of Love – without fear, but instead with forgiveness and compassion.  Love expresses itself in actions of caring that offer the suffering ones a gift of understanding powerful enough that the sufferer can raise him or herself out of the cause of their suffering, out of the cause of their cry for help.  Love does not dominate or control.  It gives Freedom and ability.

Once we can do that, the change to Love can become complete and permanent.

This is accomplished by the conscious, constructive use of each individual’s Free Will – one person at a time.

We applaud and encourage all efforts to make the world a better place.  But, please, ask yourself:  is it worthwhile to make use of a proven tool that illumines, turns life-choices constructive and helps them to be sustainable?

Can what needs be completed permanently be done well and in time by a haphazard working on it “when it comes to mind” in today’s busy world?  Looking at the size of what we have to accomplish, can it be done well and quickly enough to build the momentum to dissolve and replace the UNconstructive?  Will an unfocused approach be powerful enough to stop the spread of the world-wide onslaught of fear-based lack, injustice, and other threats?  Does the “figure it out as we go” approach have the power to turn back the gathering fear-based terrors and dissolve them?  Can it transform the suffering into love and justice, peace and prosperity – and sustain it?

We need both focused determination and methods that can bring individuals, groups, Many hands vertical - sm filecommunities and nations into conscious, constructive, illumined consensus to change our world’s current reality.  Any time we waste will be marked in suffering and the destruction of what is good, pure and innocent.

The Inspired Living Consciously® has proved its power to get balanced, substantial, sustainable results repeatedly and consistently – even within high-risk populations.  The choice to try it and use it is yours alone.

We do not ask you to follow us!  We ask you to take your own life into your own hands, consciously, with determination and joy.  What we offer you is a tool, which some have called “the owner’s manual for life” or “the Rosetta Stone for life in today’s world”.  Either way, they’re talking about the personal discovery of the essence of meaning and the essential clues for how life works.

Our desire is that, as soon as possible, you stand consciously, independently FREE, in the fully constructive action of your own love, wisdom and power.  Living who you ARE, with joy and peace, manifesting your full well-being.

From there, whether you choose to cooperate with others, including us, is still up to you.

Logo square worldAt Conscious Community, we intend to create ever-expanding opportunities and platforms for people to come together to accomplish great and wonderful things.  To re-create lives, families, organizations, communities, nations and our world into expressions of love, justice, clarity, peace and prosperity for all.

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