Grassroots Initiatives

This page is still under construction.

We, at Conscious Community, have begun a new series of Grassroots InitiativesSM.  These Initiatives will have at least these four essential elements in common:

  • open acknowledgment and celebration of the God-based origin and dimensions of core programming and enveloping services;   Invitation to Churches
  • grassroots collaboration within each community – led, supported and carried out by local citizens;
    • expansion to collaborate with surrounding communities, while retaining independent community authority and control;
  • existence and focuses of new Initiative services to be identified, developed and implemented through the input and collaboration of the communities involved;
  • no dependence on or acceptance of funding from large government (federal or state) or national or international foundations – especially those who would seek to alter the above two essentials or hijack influence for themselves.

The first Initiative, already in progress and rapidly expanding, is the Grassroots Initiative to Break PovertySM.


For more information, please click:  The Grassroots Initiative to Break Poverty ; GIBP Results & Testimonials ; Invitation to Churches