GIBP Results and Testimonials

The results out of the Grassroots Initiative to Break Poverty are phenomenal and consistent.  The statistics are great.  And the experiences of the people involved are even greater!  Be sure to check out the testimonials below the stats!

Results in Grassroots Initiative communities:

    • Employment stats for graduates are: 54% are newly employed, 31% better employment, 15% same employment, 0% not employed.
    •  Every community that has completed their pilot is determined to do a Grassroots Initiative implementation ANNUALLY, indefinitely!

Evidence-based statistical results:

For the 3 communities with completed pilots, the statistical results are remarkable. The tool used tracks 226 factors causal to removal of poverty and the creation of personal success. (At large, 3%-5% improvement due to other programs is considered very good with mainstream adults – those without risk factors.)

Grassroots Initiative to Break Poverty high-risk participants, their results compiled together, have achieved a 27.17%% improvement!  Collectively, they have improved their “Employability” by 30.14%, up to the equivalent of an “A”.

Imagine what it would be like to change the way you think, feel, speak, act and live by 27% in just 4 months – and to know how to sustain that improvement. The participants are now substantially different people with brand new lives.

pastor-josh-sm-fileCommunity Leader Josh Vargas shares his keen insights into the value of multiple areas of the Grassroots Initiative: 

Participants   Befrienders   Churches   Communities


More community leaders:




Doug                               Phyllis                         Randy

Graduates (participants)

 grad-tressaTina 1gabe



Tressa                               Tina                                   Gabe                    






Ashley                               Elon                                  Michaela




Brianna                             Marinda                             





Stephanie                         Toy                                    Becky                   





Elly                                   Betty

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