Grassroots Initiative to Break Poverty

Community members in meetings

The Grassroots Initiative to Break Poverty (GIBP) involves communities taking local responsibility to end poverty in their own communities – neighbor to neighbor.  It involves citizen groups changing the way they think about poverty to allow the conviction that it is imperative to begin removing the CAUSES of poverty, instead of just treating the symptoms.

People from all walks of life are working together – neighbor to neighbor – leading, funding, hosting, befriending, and participating in the curriculum themselves.

Since 1998, the causal, holistic curricula Living Consciously® have been used to break the causes of poverty with extraordinary success.  However, those implementations have largely been with mandated participation in government-funded settings.  Thus, a severely secular presentation was expected, though transcended whenever possible, and the support of the community was not engaged.

The Grassroots Initiative to Break Poverty has allowed us to significantly expand our success by openly acknowledging and celebrating the God-based origin and dimensions of the program.  It has also enhanced the results exponentially.   Invitation to Churches

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