Evaluations of Living Consciously® System


The unique curriculum and statistical tracking using causal factors – called Living Consciously – began in 1994 from an Inspiration through Gayle S. Wisner, then president of a communications firm.

Ms. Wisner has a more thorough knowledge and credentials concerning eliminating the causes for “behavioral sabotage” and establishing a practical, reliable base of personal understanding and behavior for success than what is at first apparent from her BA degree earned from Albion College, a private college in Michigan with very high standards.

Ms. Wisner began her adult life as a homeless teenager.  From this difficult and disadvantaged beginning, she worked her way through college and raised herself out of poverty to become a business owner making a six-figure income and was one of the two first women inducted (on the same day) into the Grand Rapids, Michigan Rotary Club.  Her sponsor was Frederick Meijer, who built his father’s one store into the familiar Midwest empire.

During her career in communications, Wisner perfected the ability to communicate with individuals and groups in a way that proved informative and constructively influential. She also became familiar with acquiring and statistically measuring the opinions and feelings of groups of people regarding products, services and issues.

Bruce Van Horn, an expert in surveying and ColdFusion programming, worked with Wisner to create the detailed and unique statistical tracking that is part of the Living Consciously program.  He also designed and prepared the online platforms.


Living Consciously, both the curriculum and the factors selected for statistical tracking, have been scrutinized continually over the years by many, including:

Iris Ann Michael, R.N., Ph.D.; doctorate of Wellness and balanced living (Texas)

Marc Rebstock, Ph.D.; psychologist and life coach (Arizona)

Annie Hodgkinns, B.A.; corporate trainer (Arizona)

James Zender, Ph.D.; clinical and forensic psychologist (Detroit area)

Cherry Jacobus, RN; Past Chair, Michigan Department of Education

Susan Heartwell, MPA; Past Director, Student Advancement Foundation (Grand Rapids, MI); board member Spectrum Health

Marlene Heemstra, Director of Alternative Programs, principal alternative education high school, Lowell Area Schools (Michigan)

Marsha Jane Orr, MS; extension faculty Cornell University, NYS Corrections Dept., Dept of Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities, Governor’s Office of Employment, consultant and trainer to Fortune 500 companies (Massachusetts / Michigan / Australia)

Hector Pena, Jr, B.B.A.; manager for (Texas) Governor’s Office Concentrated Employment and  Training Act; Regional Director (Los Angeles) for SER (national Hispanic employment services) (San Antonio)

Steven Dieleman; Kent Intermediate School District student programming, training and   statistical tracking expert (Michigan)

John Belaski, Past Kent Intermediate School District specialist in crisis intervention programming  (Michigan)

Nancy Cavaretta, Ph.D.; doctorate in Education, specializing in highest risk / due process  students in the Chicago Public Schools, faculty at Roosevelt University (Chicago)

Maureen Martyne, MA; clinical psychologist specializing in interventions for young people, especially concerning substance abuse and violence; also specializing in creating and implementation of intervention programming for hospitals (California / Chicago)