Where LC Is Used

Living Consciously® was initially created for adults in an employment setting!

But the people, who have experienced it, have had much different ideas! Their ongoing use and confidence in Living Consciously has expanded the uses and places where this program is implemented.  Interestingly, ALL of the areas immediately demonstrated exceptionally good results, even with high at-risk populations  And the results continue to be consistent.

Here are the areas where Living Consciously is showing great results:

Personal Use

Your Seminar Groups



Community Leadership

Adults At-Risk

Employment Transition

Breaking Poverty

Prison Reentry

Drug Rehab

Homeless Shelters


PLEASE NOTE:  Employee, management and organizational leadership development, using Working ConsciouslyTM and Leading ConsciouslyTM programming, are available through Conscious Company Inc.  More information available from gwisner@consciouscompanyinc.com.