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Poverty is one of the greatest tyrannies and slaveries in the world today.  The greatest causes of poverty often lie within the individual.

The experience of poverty is saturated in fear, resentment of injustice and anger.  Until these overwhelming, confusing and debilitating emotions can be healed and consciously managed, there can be no clarity or consistency in the person’s life.

The conditions caused by fear, resentment and anger make it impossible for those trapped in poverty to fully use and sustain the prescribed behaviors of most other programs. This is the CAUSE of the “revolving door” syndrome, where individuals move in and out of poverty and are unable to retain employment. This revolving door is also prevalent in cases of substance abuse and criminality.

Living Consciously roots out the rampant fear that causes chaos and confusion in the minds – and the affairs – of those struggling with poverty.  LC lifts the fog of confusion and puts power for living constructively in their own hands.  Once clarity and empowerment are established, then all the information / intellectually-based programs for those in poverty can be more effective.

Within a three year period of time, we helped 460 families, living in a small county in Michigan, get off welfare due to income.

The Living Consciously Personal Edition has the “how to break poverty” keys within it.

For information about Living Consciously use within government and human services agencies for this purpose, please go to Breaking Poverty.