Success by Issue

Today’s personal and societal maladies seem a lot like flu viruses! They are ever mutating and spreading so that the typical “solutions” recommended work only partially, temporarily, or not at all. These traditional solutions generally involve symptomatic suppression and/or prescribed thoughts and actions for their correction. Today, these approaches are not powerful enough to overcome the problems, much less keep up with how they modify themselves into something more and more difficult.

The keyword that describes the reason for the failure of common, traditional advice and programs is symptomatic. These ineffective measures are also usually incomplete.

Our Living Consciously® curricula powerfully enables individuals to get at the CAUSES of their problems, distress, and worries, that are sabotaging the quality of their lives. Once the causes are removed in a holistic manner, the symptoms go away as well.

You will find that all the Living Consciously curricula, including the Living Consciously Personal Edition, will customize itself naturally and easily to what is needed most.

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Substance Abuse

Domestic Violence

Regarding the use of Living Consciously within existing programs through human service and government agencies, please go to Adults At-Risk.