The Highest Power

Highest Power white on blueUp to 2015, all the implementations of the Living Consciously® curricula were government funded, for mostly mandated participants (not voluntary) and the presentation was also expected to be secular.

The Living Consciously curricula are about all the basic choices an individual will make in their lifetime.  Among those choices are whether or not to believe in a Highest Power and how to define their personal relationship with It.  The definition of relationship is a very personal one and this freedom of choice is protected by the Constitution of the United States of America.  The term Highest Power is meant to provide a neutral framework, within which each individual has the freedom to choose, name and define their choices.

We use the term “Highest Power” to mean the Source of LIFE, the Creator.  The similar, common term is “Higher Power.”  For us, that provokes the questions:  “Higher than what?”  and “Lower than what?”  As we were intending to refer to a Supreme Being, we settled on “Highest Power.”

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In the Living Consciously® Personal Edition, made for individual adults, we assert that a Highest Power exists as a conscious Supreme Being and is our Divine Parent.


Conscious Co 1All curricula for seminars, for ages 4 through adult, are neutral in nature.  The environments, within which these seminars / programming have been sponsored, often have criteria demanding that no such affirmation be made, either due to law or other human consensus.  That the choices regarding a Highest Power are available to all is still presented.  We also discuss briefly, as appropriate, how individual and group choices on this subject impact history, cultural and social studies, current events, etc.

The principles and dynamics of Living Consciously are fully germane and functional to each individual and group, no matter their personal choice on this particular point.

We see this choice of faith-based or secular as being up to the sponsoring group and/or the participants.  If the sponsor and seminar group choose, the facilitator will present from within a religious or spiritual context.

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More about choices and the Spirit Aspect in Living Consciously

Living Consciously is about life’s choices.  And again, whether we recognize or have a relationship with the Highest Power is an important choice that we all make.

According to the Gallop Polls, ninety-five percent (95%) of Americans believe in a Highest95 percent Power in one form or another.  So it’s very important that we keep the Spirit Aspect in Living Consciously. And we strongly recommend that you keep it in your life as well.  We all need to become conscious of and use our entire being.  If we keep the spiritual out of our lives, it is like using a four legged chair with only three legs.

Increasingly, individuals and even their doctors are coming to the conclusion that acknowledging and cultivating the spiritual aspect of themselves and their patients improves physical health. Expect increased exploration of the spirit.  Spiritual issues encourage activities that provide life with meaning and purpose.  More and more people today feel alienated, and spiritual-wellness can help people feel connected.

In Living Consciously that’s what the Spirit Aspect is.  It’s a link. It is our connection between our LIFE inside of us and the mental, emotional, and physical parts of our lives. It can also be viewed as the connection between the LIFE inside of us and the Highest Power, the Source of our LIFE.

America is the only country in the world today, where one of its most important foundational principles, was the right of individuals to worship the Highest Power the way each person chooses.  It is a very important freedom.  People are still coming here to live in the United States of America from all over the world because of this freedom.

Albert Schweitzer once said, “One thing stands firm.  All that happens in world history rests on something spiritual.  If the spiritual is strong,  it creates world history.  If it’s weak, it suffers world history”.  By suffering we mean struggling to keep up.  Feeling unable to cope well with change.  Being anxious, afraid, stressed.  Feeling like you’re falling behind or being overwhelmed by current situations.

Here are some very serious questions to ask yourself.  Are you personally creating or suffering world history?  Are your family, loved ones and friends creating or suffering world history?  Is your place of worship creating or suffering world history?  Is the place where you work or study creating or suffering world history?  How about your community?  Is your nation creating or suffering world history?

Yes, there are both the constructive and unconstructive acting in and around us today.  Here I’m asking you to assess the balance.  Which appears to be more in force at this time?

Is our world creating or suffering world history?

As of the writing of these words, it is definitely suffering.  Dr. Schweitzer’s words give us the solution.  We must strengthen the spiritual aspect of our lives.  Please find out who Albert Schweitzer was.  His life is an inspiration.

Again, to move the balance toward the constructive, to remove the unconstructive and the suffering it causes, we must strengthen the spiritual aspect of our lives.

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